Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hsu-nami SECOND album!

The Hsu-nami

Featured on MTV Network & Beijing Summer Olympics 08!!

2nd Anticipated Album “The Four Noble Truths”

Release March 2008


Featured on MTV Iggy, mtv2 and mtvU, a division of MTV Networks available on more than 750 colleges and university campuses in the U.S. Fans can also get a glimpse of the show through MTV channels like MTV Korea, Japan, Asia and Australia.

The band was also featured in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Their music played at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena representing the China National Basketball Team’s Entrance Theme.

The Hsu-nami is a Progressive Rock instrumental band from New Jersey, United States. With a front Chinese instrument the Er-Hu (Chinese Violin). "The Hsu-nami" named after founder Jack Hsu, is known for virtuoso melodic Erhu, heavy guitar riffs and tasteful guitar solos in their music to add to the "progressive Asian soundscape" effect.

The first Erhu Prog Rock Group in the world. Their music features a high level of musicianship that fusion metal, psychedelic, prog rock to funk, incorporating the use of an amplified Erhu, a two-string bowed instrument that is often used in Chinese classical music and folk ensembles, takes the place of lead vocals.

From the band’s intense raw live shows, the music will stand the test of time because of it’s culture values and the highly unique sound. You just got to hear to believe it.

Just like the multi-platinum artist Vanessa Mae (the first ever violinist that fuse classical traditional violin with modern/rock/pop music.) Hsu-nami is the first ever Chinese Erhu focused band that fuses different style depth of the modern rock music.

Imagine the music of “12 girls band” from China (12 piece Chinese traditional orchestra playing modern/acoustic/pop music). But… adds the heavy Metallica, GNR influence guitars riffs and a lot more badass solos and breakdowns and makes you want to just rock out and head bang.

Note: Hsu-nami has been documented in a dissertation by music ethnology professor Wendy Hsu’s book recently focus on Hsu-nami reflecting the whole Chinese Culture America pop Culture and world politics.




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