Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sakura Matsuri wrap-up...

Sorry for being late, as I'm still recovering from the madness known as Sakura Matsuri...and also these sunburns suffered during said event. It was a weekend of fun, despite the 80+ degree heat on both days. I was a volunteer, which basically had me outside for 10 hours minimum each day, hence the sunburns. However, being a volunteer didn't limit me from watching some performances.

Saturday, 10tecomai delivered an incredible performance of Yosakoi dance, which fuses traditional Japanese dance with modern music. Uncle Yo delivered his usual brand of otaku comedy, which as always is hilarious. After the Uncle Yo show, EMP Maniac AKA Mario Bueno performed his renditions of varying Japanese songs, like INVOKE by TM Revolution. COBU, a taiko drum and tap dancing outfit from New York City, did such an awesome performance that my jaw literally dropped. COBU's show was actually a preview as the original performers for that time on Saturday dropped out at the last minute. Veronica Taylor, best known as the original voice of Ash Ketchum from "Pokemon," performed onstage with manga artist Misako Rocks! in which she gave voice to characters drawn by Misako Rocks! There was also Iron Cosplay, where two teams create a cosplay outfit in 20 minutes. As you can probably tell by the name, it was based on Iron Chef.

Sunday, Yo opened his second show with an Ode to FPS's, set to the tune of Caramelldansen. Like the Otaku National Anthem before it, the Ode was hilarious. Too bad he didn't dress up as Master Chief to perform it. Samurai Sword Soul, a theatre troupe also based in New York City, blends comedy, drama, and sword stage fighting. COBU's original performance was just as incredible as the Saturday show. What made Sunday special was the Cosplay fashion show, which was why the event was extended one extra hour. The fashion show was a first for the event. MAC provided the makeup for the 20 models. My only problem was that 4 people showed up dressed as Ciel Phantomhive from "Kuro Shitsuji (Black Butler)", three of which were in his dress. (Yes, you read that right, Ciel is a boy.)

All in all, it was the most successful Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. As next year's event marks the 30th anniversary, I hope it's bigger than this one. I'd like to thank the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for hosting this event, and supplying the volunteers with enough water to keep us from fainting in the heat. Special thanks go to Ms. Anita Jacobs, Director of Public Programs, for organizing such an awesome event.

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