Friday, September 19, 2008

With Anime Festivals Come Cosplay…

As the New York Anime Festival is approaching, I feel like it’s time to dust off the old black cloaks, repaint the 6 foot tall broad swords, and once again bribe your brothers or sisters to cosplay the opposite gender so you can go as an Anime couple. With that said, what better way to kick off this blog than to dive into that fun, yet sometimes very disturbing, world of cosplay!

From my experiences at cosplay events, I’ve concluded some characters get much more acknowledgment in the eyes of fans when it comes to taking hours to create costumes, accessories, and props for these events.If anyone feels they will go to the NYAF in costume then perhaps you may try characters not on this list to get more attention or see if you can be a better version of these than other cosplayers.

So without further ado….The Top 10 Characters (not really in order) Cosplayed at Conventions/Festivals are:

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto

Yugi Mutou from YuGiOh

Yuna from Final Fantasy

Ichigo from Bleach

Hideki Motosuwa from Chobits

Misa from Death Note

Rikku from Final Fantasy

InuYasha from InuYasha

Any Sailor Moon Member

Honorable Mention: Chung Li from Street Fighter

Honorable Mention: Rukia from Bleach

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