Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CUNY-Con 2012 Being Created Now!

Anime & Manga fans prepare yourselves for CUNY-Con* 2012!

Brooklyn College's Student Center aka SUBO will be the site of a brand new Anime & Manga convention!

CUNY-Con* 2012 will feature the same activities, people, and FUN as the big New York Anime Festival including vendors, an Artist Alley, performances by some of New York's top Japanese artists, a maid cafe, and more but within the biggest and most populated borough in NYC- Brooklyn!

Stay tuned for more info on the planning of this convention and how you may get involved coming soon to Taraka's World!

*This event is not yet endorsed by CUNY but may be run by clubs of CUNY schools.


Lyntha Tye said...

Seriously?! OMG! I am confused though... If it is not endorsed by the City University of New York, why is it called "CUNY-Con"? Is it a tentative name or b/c clubs from CUNY schools might be helping out?

Either way, I wish you luck at this event!

Jason Linetsky said...

Yeah it's on my planning list to get permission to use the name so it's officially CUNY related.